Curriculum Resource Center

Provides a library of printable teacher-handout material for the middle school, high school, and junior college curriculum.
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ERIC (Education Resource Information Center)

Contains records and links to full-text education documents.
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Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia

Provides encyclopedic entries covering a variety of subject areas. Learn More

Legal Information Reference Center

Provides exclusive online full text for many of the top consumer legal reference books, and contains more than 225 full-text publications and thousands of legal forms, with more content being added on a regular basis. Learn More


Provides coverage on subjects related to the field of information science. Learn More

MasterFILE Elite

Designed specifically for public libraries, this multidisciplinary database provides full text for more than 1,050 general reference publications with coverage dating as far back as 1984. Covering virtually every subject area of general interest, MasterFILE Elite also includes 52 full text reference books and an Image Collection of over 502,000 photos, maps and flags. Learn More

Points of View Reference Center

Designed to provide students with a series of essays that present multiple sides of a current issue. Learn More

World Almanac for Kids

A natural complement to the curriculum, this online site provides resources for homework, reports, and projects in a fun format while encouraging online research skills from a trusted source.
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World Geography and Culture Online

Covers all aspects of a country-from its geography and physical features to its government, people, and society-providing both facts at a glance and in-depth coverage through country entries, maps, flags, images, statistics, news articles, a gazetteer, and more. Learn More