Use of this service requires a valid Old Bridge library card and PIN number. Please make sure to have this information ready before you start.

 Download and install Over Drive Media Console

Go to the App Store and search for Over Drive Media Console.

*Note* You may also click on this icon from the website:

Tap on the Free button, it will change to Install App. Follow the instruction to download the Over Drive Media Console.

Tap on the Over Drive icon on the desktop to open the Console.

 Authorize your device to download eBooks from Over Drive.

Tap on Get Books+

Tap on Settings at the bottom of the screen to set your home library.



Authorize your device with your Adobe ID.



Enter Adobe ID and Password to authorize your device.
If you do not have an Adobe Account. Tap on Get a free Adobe ID and follow the next screen.



Tap on Create an Adobe Account




Fill in the required fields (noted with asterisk)on the Account Details screen.
Scroll to the bottom of the screen and Tap on Continue to finish creating your Adobe Account.
If you need help creating your Adobe Account or have a question, Check Adobe FAQ



Your device is now authorized to use eBooks from Over Drive.



 First time use; add your home Library to the Get Books screen to be permanently available for downloading more eBooks at any time.

Tap on Add a Library + to search for your home library.



You can search with the library name or zip code.

Tap to select your home library from the list.

Tap on eLibraryNJ to select the Library Systems



Select Libraries of Middlesex Automation Consortium for the Library Systems.



Login to your Digital Account & check out eBooks and download

Now, you are on the main page of Listen NJ. Tap on My Digital Account to login.
Type in your complete card number beginning with 293xxxxxxxxxxx.
Enter your PIN number. If you do not have a PIN number, you will need to see someone at the Circulation desk at the library. PIN numbers cannot be given out over the phone.

Logging in to your Digital Media Account before searching for a book to download will allow you to see all the available advantage titles that are only available for Old Bridge Public Library card holders.





Once you are logged in, you will be able to see My Cart, My Audiobooks Checked Out,My Waiting list and Wish list.
To start a search for eBook, tap on the Browse icon.



To look for a book, you can either Browse Collections or do a quick Search.



If the book is already checked out, you can join the waiting list.
lf the book is available, you have the option to add it to the wish list or add to cart.



If you clicked on add to add to cart, you have the option to Continue Browsing or toProceed to Checkout.



Click to Confirm Check Out.



Once you have checked out a title, a download page is displayed.
Tap on Download Adobe EPUB eBook to start downloading your eBook to the iPad.
Note: Only the items with EPUB and MP3 format will work on your Ipad.



It will take few seconds to finish the download. Now your eBook should appear on the Main Over Drive screen.
Tap on the title to open the book.



Scroll through the pages and enjoy your eBook!!!