Need community service time? Want to give back to your community?

There are two ways teens can volunteer at the Old Bridge Public Library. You can do both programs if you want!

  1. The Teen Volunteer Program. Come to the Volunteer Board in the Teen Room and sign up for an orientation! After you do orientation, you can sign up for a volunteer job. Jobs usually give a teen 4 hours of community service a month. Available jobs are posted on the volunteer board as well as our Tumblr.
  2. Teens Taking Action. TTA is the teen community service group of the Old Bridge Public Library. We do fun projects that benefit our community. In the past we’ve done a drive for the animal shelter, held a coffee house, cleaned the library garden, and so much more! TTA offers around 4 hours of community service a month. No sign up is required, and teens can attend whichever projects fit their schedule. TTA is a good option for teens who have busy schedules, since no attendance is mandatory. Check the Teens Taking Action board in the Teen Room or the Teen Page of the library website for project dates.

‘Teens’ include anyone in grades 6-12. (During the summer, teens must have completed 6th grade in order to begin volunteering.)